How to Apply for 24 Hours Loan in Ireland: A Guide For First-Time Borrowers


We are glad to enlighten you on the application for 24 hours loan. A to Z of what you need to know.

The cost of living continues to rise, and millennials are feeling the pinch. This generation is the most indebted in history. With student loans, mortgages, business loans, car loans, credit card bills, and everyday expenses, it’s no wonder young adults struggle to save money.

If you are among those who find it hard to make ends meet, then a small loan can go a long way in helping you out of your financial troubles, at least for a short period. There is some 24 hours loan which is the smallest personal loans available today, with an average APR of 42%.



Such loans are usually used as an emergency fund or a one-time expense like a wedding or home renovation. The article highlights some important tips on how you can apply for a 24 hours loan in Ireland.


What is a 24-hours loan?

A 24-hours loan is a short-term loan. That you can apply for and get the loan on the same day, with an average APR of 42% and an amount of €1,000 to €5,000, these loans are usually used as an emergency fund when you need cash in a hurry or for one-time expenses like home renovation or wedding. They are not meant for daily living expenses.

24-hours loans are very popular in New Zealand. The country’s two largest banks, ASB Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation offer 24-hours loans over the counter at their branches.

In short, 24 hours loans are a type of fast loan. These loans are given to you within 24 hours after you submit your application. If you are in a tight condition where you are urgently in need of money, then this is the best option for you.

A 24-hours loan is a short-term loan that can be applied and get the loan amount within 24 hours. This type of loan is mostly used for emergencies or one-time expenses like home renovation or weddings. They are not meant for daily living expenses.


How Much Can You Borrow From Instant Cash Loans In Ireland

The amount of money that a lender will give you depends on several factors, such as your income and credit history. You must consider your financial situation before applying for a loan because if you take out too much money, it could lead to serious financial problems in the future. 

If you are planning to borrow money from a 24 hours Loan service, you will need to submit an application form. You can complete the application form online or download the form and fill it out manually. Then, you will need to submit it to the lender. The lender will then review your application and then decide whether or not they want to give you a loan.


What are the requirements You Need To Apply for a 24-hours loan In Ireland?

There are no credit checks or lengthy paperwork involved when you apply for a 24-hours loan in Ireland. All that lenders want from you is proof of employment, such as your last two pay stubs and a valid bank account number where they can deposit your cash after approval. Other than that, you have to be an Ireland citizen and at least 18 years old.


How to apply for a 24-hours loan in Ireland?

If you are in Ireland and need a small personal loan to fix a minor emergency, then you can apply for a 24-hours loan. An example of a bank that gives 24 hours loans is Permanent TSB, KBE Bank


The first step is to decide what sum of money you need and what you want to use it for. Once you have decided, log on to the website of your preferred lender. This will be your first point of contact, and they will guide you through the process.

They might ask some questions about your credit history or even request that you submit copies of your ID documents. They may also ask if there is anyone else who could provide a reference for you or offer guarantor services.

The next step is to fill out an application form with information about yourself like your full name, address, contact number, email address, occupation, etc. You should also mention why you need the loan along with the purpose for which it will be used.

The final step is to wait until everything has been processed and approved before being given access to your money. It takes roughly 24 hours before this happens, or even less, depending on each case individually.


How to decide on the right 24-hours loan for you?

With many types of loans available, it can be tough to decide on the right one for your needs. For example, there are interest-free loans and those which have a higher APR. You should know about these details before you apply for a 24-hours loan in Ireland.

  • Interest-free loans: These loans come without any interest as long as you repay the amount within a week or month. If you fail to repay within this time, then you will have to pay interest on the entire loan amount (including the principal).
  • Loans with higher APR: A higher APR means more interest charges on your loan amount and more monthly payments. This is why, if possible, it’s better to take out a smaller amount at a lower rate than a larger amount at a high rate when looking for 24 hours loans in Ireland.

What are the interest rates for 24-hours loans?

Interest rates for 24-hours loans are usually higher than those of traditional payday loans. However, since you only need to pay back your loan after a very short time, you will save on interest charges. In addition, the interest rates for 24-hours loans are usually lower than those of credit cards or overdrafts.


Is there any credit history check?

Yes, most lenders will perform a credit check before approving your application. However, if you have bad credit or no credit history at all, they will most likely approve your application regardless of the outcome of the credit check.


Is it possible to get a 24-hours loan if you have bad credit?

If you do have not a good credit record or no credit history at all, it is still possible to get a 24-hours loan. Most lenders will approve your application even if your credit score is as low as 300 or 400. This is because they consider other factors such as employment and income when making their decision.


Tips before you apply for a 24-hours loan in Ireland.

  • Start with a low amount, which will give you more time to repay and will allow you to build your credit history.
  • Consider talking to your family and friends before borrowing from anywhere else.
  • Don’t forget to read the small print before signing up for any loan.


If you can’t repay the loan and don’t want to risk your credit rating, try to negotiate with the lender for a more manageable repayment plan. You can try asking the lender if they have any special offers such as discounts or a lower interest rate.



If you are in Ireland and you need money urgently, then a 24-hours loan is the answer. You can apply for a 24-hours loan in Ireland by following these easy steps. Apply today and get your cash as soon as tomorrow.


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