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OnlineCashFinance.com is a finance blog providing news, articles, and tips on how to spend your money wisely. Our content is designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the personal finance world: from tips on how to get out of debt and the best credit card for your lifestyle to reviews of the newest books about personal finance! We all know that it’s not easy to find the time or energy to take care of our money.

That’s why OnlineCashFinance.com provides digestible information and practical advice to help you live a better life with your money.

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It all started when I was working at a mortgage lending company in 2008. I was seeing first-hand how difficult it can be for people just trying to make ends meet, let alone look down the road towards retirement or deciding if college is worth it for their child. With my experience in mortgage lending, I knew that what most Americans lacked wasn’t a set of instructions; they needed someone who could help them change their habits and teach them how to make good decisions with their money – even if they didn’t know they had bad ones!